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  • F

    for Family Business.

  • R

    for Relax and enjoy your time

  • A

    for Amasing Hookah Service

  • N

    for Natural tobacco, charcoal. items used

  • C

    for Custom your own events.

  • I

    for Impressing events. and surprise

  • S

    for Satisfaction of customers is our goal.


Save your time and enjoy and let us take care from


This business is run by Wadih Francis 12 years experiences in Hookahs…tobaccos and big event…

We start in 2011 for big event (8000-12000 guest) as a free sponsor event …

Then all the guest required us to start our own business because they like our fast and professional service .

oc Lebanese festival orange-ca 2013-2018

St Jude church festival Covina-ca 2016-2017

VLI Veterans Legal Institute november -2018

we make it easy and simple …clean and professional

Here we are starting our professional catering and renting hookah …

We hope you enjoy our service and encourage us to keep going …

We are open for all ideas …all deals to get to be number one in hookas catering Call or text or send email for more information



Visit our website www.francishookah.com

Phone direct : 714-452-4707

Main : 714-728-0041

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